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You can't go without Hugenpoet? - Is that how you feel?


The next birthday is around the corner, the next holidays are coming and hopefully also the next visit to our restaurant LAURUShaus and HUGENpöttchen. We would be pleased if you would support our liquidity by purchasing a voucher, so that we can welcome you again after Corona and spoil you with culinary delights.


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Patisserie Workshop

Do you love cupcakes? And would you like some professional tips?

Our Patissière will let you in on the sweet secrets and subtleties. She will reveal the little tricks that put the finishing touches to a cupcake. Because only when the pâtissier - now in the making - knows all the ingredients properly and knows how they behave at certain temperatures and consistencies, success is guaranteed - and fun!

• in our remise with open kitchen
• minimum 8 persons, maximum 12 persons
• incl. drinks, materials and seminar documents
• other topics: Desserts, mousse, ice cream, sorbet or chocolates
• 89,00 € / person