Twenty twenty what a year!
Schlosshotel Hugenpoet

Twenty twenty what a year!

Dear guests, dear friends of Hugenpoet manor,

an exciting year TWENTY TWENTY is behind us. The hotel and catering industry is obviously one of the most affected sectors and we can all only hope that this situation will soon come to an end.

 We at Hugenpoet manor fought, hoped, waited, comforted, admonished and marveled in TWENTY TWENTY.

We have not lost courage!
We were lucky in special situations!
But we also had a lot of fun!
We had our guests and we had US!

TWENTY21 will again demand a lot from many of us. We remain confident!

We hope that TWENTY21 will soon have many tourist and business guests traveling again, many bridal couples, children, birthday, confirmation and baptism celebrants, many end-of-the-day, many Essenes and guests from home and abroad and all the other guests we have come to love so much to be pampered.

With passion and a smile, we look forward to doing what we love again: making guests happy with all our hearts!

See you soon here at Hugenpoet manor!

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Our team at Schloss Hugenpoet

With passion and a smile!
We are happy to serve. We consider it very important to engage with our guests. This exchange is greatly appreciated. We look forward to receiving your feedback. Simply contact us!


Vivian-Jessica Schiller
Tel. +492054 1204 0


Patrick Rausch
F&B Manager
Tel. +492054 1204 33


  Eva Nick
Sales Manager Banquette & Catering
Tel. +492054 1204 370


 Barbara Wix
Tel. +492054 1204 51