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Our team at Schloss Hugenpoet

With passion and a smile!
We are happy to serve. We consider it very important to engage with our guests. This exchange is greatly appreciated. We look forward to receiving your feedback. Simply contact us!

 Alexandra Schenk
Mail: alexandra.schenk@hugenpoet.de
Tel: 02054-1204 0

 Vivian-Jessica Schiller
Assist. Director
Mail: Vivian.Schiller@hugenpoet.de
Tel: 02054-1204 0

 Antje Voß
Assist. Manager
Mail: antje.voss@hugenpoet.de
Tel: 02054-1204 69

 Monika Uschkamp
Marketing and Sales Manager
Mail: monika.uschkamp@hugenpoet.de
Tel: 02054-1204 48

 Eva Nick
Sales Manager Banquette & Catering
Mail: veranstaltung@hugenpoet.de
Tel: 02054-1204 370

 Patrick Rausch
Assistant F&B-Manager
Mail: patrick.rausch@hugenpoet.de
Tel: 02054-1204 33

 Erika Bergheim
Mail: kueche@hugenpoet.de
Tel: 02054-1204 0

 Carla Veenstra
Sommelière & Restaurant Manager LAURUSHAUS
Mail: service@hugenpoet.de
Tel: 02054-1204 0

 Katrin Prange
Mail: buchhaltung@hugenpoet.de
Tel: 02054-1204 52

Barbara Wix
Mail: barbara.wix@hugenpoet.de
Tel: 02054-1204 51