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Wedding ceremonies at Hugenpoet

Celebrate your wedding in the historic setting of Schloss Hugenpoet and enjoy outstanding salons and ballrooms with fabric-covered walls, an in-house chapel and a beautiful castle park.

Whether you opt for culinary delights, cakes and pralines from our in-house patisserie, or a fireworks display in the evening – we will make your special day unique.

An experienced team will help you design your wedding ceremony, accompanying you throughout the day. How do you imagine the happiest day of your life to be?

We would be delighted to organise your wedding ceremony, with loving attention to detail and very special care! We will make sure that your wishes are transformed into a unique celebration.

Why not benefit from our experience and allow us to advise you, for an unforgettable wedding day!

Your contact: 

Eva Nick
Tel.: +49 (0) 2054-1204 370


We sincerely thank hauter und eichentopf fotografie for providing some wedding photos shown here.