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Conference Rooms

Are you looking for a location for your training, board meeting, heis session, meeting, multi-day meeting, management meeting, conference or event? Schlosshotel Hugenpoet has a large selection of conference rooms.

The Red Room

Our smallest meeting room, the "Red Salon", has a surface of 42 m², which offers up to 20 people on an oval table. As the name suggests, the red salon is covered with red and gold dust. In addition to the ancestral gallery of the von Fürstenberg family, a small chimney with conglomerate attracts attention.

The Green Room

The Green Salon is located on the south side of a large Horster fireplace, the Troja fireplace. Other fireplaces are located in the room with fireplace and the lobby of the hotel.

The Green Salon can accommodate up to 24 people for a festive banquet on an oval table and has a total surface of 60 m². In a seating area with 3 blocks or panels, 30 people can be accommodated in the Green Salon. With round tables up to 32 people can stay in the Green salon.

The Green Salon can also be reserved in combination with the fireplace room and is used for the reception or final for theater. Through the old oak parquet on the laid floor, you want to dance spontaneously.

The Fireplace Room

Our room with fireplace is located on the ground floor of the castle and is located between the hall and the conservatory. The paintings in the fireplace room belong to a high-quality collection of German and Dutch masters. These are located through the house.

They come from collections of the families of Schellaert and Sabels. In 1931 they were in the possession of the von Fürstenberg family as part of an auction. The showpiece of the room, however, is the fireplace of the undisputed "Cain and Abel", which used to belong to the interior of the Horst palace.

The room with fireplace has a size of 90 m² and offers space for up to 64 people on a square 8 and 10-seater tables. A maximum of 34 people can sit on an oval table. The room with fireplace is connected by doors to the green salon and the right conservatory. Therefore it is advisable to reserve these rooms in addition to the reception or the dance hall. These three spaces can ideally be combined and provide for e.g. 100 people and a spacious dance floor space.

The Conservatory

The right-hand conservatory is located behind the fireplace room and offers a view of the outdoor terrace and the extensive castle park with mature trees.

Our greenhouse is often reserved as a bad weather option for the reception, if this can not take place in the castle park.

The right conservatory has a total surface of 55 m² and can also be used for festive banquets. It accommodates 26 people on an oval table or 40 on long tables.

The Ballroom

The large ballroom on the 1st floor has a surface of 120 m² and has an old oak parquet floor. Here you can also admire the "Kölner Kamin". No fireplace of Baumberger sandstone, like the three large fireplaces in the castle, but meaningfully composed remnants of a tiled stove or tile attachment for an iron kiln.

Our ballroom radiates bronze, gold and cream in the colors. The large windows offer views of the castle park. Take advantage of the foyer in front of the ballroom with adjoining room for a reception. Depending on the type of seating, about 50 people can sit on an oval table, about 80 people on square 8 and 10 tables and a maximum of 120 people on long tables or a triple E-seating.

The Coach House

The coach house is located in the outer front castle of the castle and has its own terrace in the courtyard of the castle. Through the open kitchen and the integrated bar you will experience an event on Hugenpoet. The coach house also offers an ideal environment for high-quality cooking classes, kitchen parties or a barbecue.

Whether it is a menu or a buffet, with up to 55 people there is even room to dance. You can invite up to 90 guests for a relaxed party with standing and individual tables.

An extension opportunity offers the adjacent Kutschhaus, which can be used for reception in bad weather.

Meeting room in the coach house

The Coach House is a conference room with state-of-the-art conference and sound technology and a private terrace. The adjacent coach house is ideal for coffee breaks and lunch.

The Koetshuis is suitable for conference groups up to 40 people, 60 people can listen to a lecture in concert setup.

In combination with the coach house, the coach house is also often used as a location for a reception when the weather does not allow it outside.