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The next birthday is around the corner, the next holidays are coming and hopefully also the next visit to our restaurant LAURUShaus and HUGENpöttchen. We would be pleased if you would support our liquidity by purchasing a voucher, so that we can welcome you again after Corona and spoil you with culinary delights.


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Recreation and work

What do guests do at Schlosshotel Hugenpoet? “Let every man seek heaven in his own fashion,” as Frederick the Great once said.

Some like to walk in the park, play tennis, golf or cycle before enjoying a superb dinner with family and friends in one of the numerous salons.

Others attend conferences, making use of free wireless LAN and state-of-the-art equipment.

Or they celebrate their wedding – after all, Hugenpoet has its own chapel, outstanding salons and a castle park for outdoor receptions.

Discover the numerous individual opportunities provided by Schloss Hugenpoet!


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Eva Nick
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